Frequently asked questions

What is MYTODO Project?

MYTODO is the first company in the world who allows you to personalize in EVERY DETAIL your planner! Through a graphic editor and the graphics made by our digital designers and bullet journalists Rita Scarpinato (@writeitonthewall), Federica Santaroni (@feebujo) and Serena Sarritzu ( @serylittlenotes) , you will be able to set the planner of your dreams . You can also decide the material and color of the cover, the pocket inside the notebook, the color of the elastic and how many bookmarks you want and their colors.


The Pilot Collection is a special pre-sale event from December 9th (2pm GMT+1) to December 16th (11.59pm GMT+1). We decided to sell our best themes Blog and Beauty, Floral and Motivational Lettering at a special price before the official launch of MyTodo Project in 2020. Only a limited number of planners will be sold during this presale event.

Do the planners have the same set-up?

Our graphics have designed the planners with different style and different set up. Check the product info to see what layouts and trackers each planner contains.

Can I personalize the planner of the Pilot Collection with the graphic editor?

The planners available for the Pilot Collection can’t be customized with the graphic editor, but you can choose the cover, the pocket, and customize the elastic and the bookmarks. Subscribe to our newsletter to be updated about the MYTODO project official launch in 2020!

How can I order my Mytodo Planner?

1) Click on ‘Products’ in the navigation bar to see the Pilot Collection themes and the exterior options for your planner, such as material and color of the cover, inner pocket, color of the elastic and bookmarks. 2) Once you have chosen your favourite options, click on ‘Start shopping now’ on the right or ‘Shop’ in the navigation bar. Complete the form with your preferences by selecting the options and clicking ‘Next’ to go to the next form. 3) Complete with your shipping details (be sure to check your Shipping Zone clicking on the link above) and click ‘BUY €…’. In another window will appear the total price and the payment methods. Now you’re ready to check-out. 4) You will receive an e-mail with the order confirmation.

Can I pay with my PayPal account?

Yes, you can buy your planner with your PayPal account or Credit Card.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship our planners worldwide.

When am I going to receive the planner?

It depends on your origin country, but you’re going to receive the planner within the 20th of January.