The variaton of size of traits make my drawings recognizable. I join life drawing with my trait style and I create many botanical drawings. I prefer black and white but in some of my drawings I add some watercolor splash to make te subject more similar to reality.

Every drawing is unique and done previously with pencil, in this way I can draw in the best way what I see on paper


Federica Santaroni, 26 years old, from Rome. I'm a graphic & content creator. I have a big passion for drawing and art.

Since May 2016 I run @feebujo on social networks, I collaborated with some brands famous worldwide. In 2019 my book "Journal Creativo" came out, full of art and nature. Also, I have an online shop "feebujoshop" where I sell handmade products created and decorated by me


I combined my two big passions: art and nature and it is precisely with botanical drawings that I decore my journal and everything I see. On Instagram I share my art with many people all over the world, trying to ispire my followers