Serena Sarritzu, 32 years old, from Cagliari, Sardinia. I'm a designer of illustrations and graphics. After being founder of a Graphic Design company which customized sport and promotional products, I decided to focus on drawing, and I attended a Comic School.

Since 2016 I have been sharing my Comic Journal, my planners and my drawing on Social Network with the name Sery Little Notes


I love drawing, in particular comics. I have always spent my free time with pencils, inks and digital art. In my view, talent is not innate, but it's the result of passion, dedication and perseverance.

I love nature and it's not unusual to see me drawing at the beach, among the trees or seated on the lawn.

I try to draw my characters imagining their daily life and trying to represent their personality. That's why it has been natural for me documenting my life through comics


My style reminds of japanese comics, and I represent myself in my Comic Journal, like one of those characters. Day by day, indeed, I draw in a notebook my daily life in the form of comics.

Through that ritual, I keep track of the facts which happen in my life, but above all I keep track of my feelings related to specific events, that I relive everytime I flip my notebook pages